Couple of things, sweethearts. A) Here is your prompt for your writing assignment due Tuesday, September 22:

The Neschers antler is one of the very first portable works of art that has been carved with a zoomorphic figure. Consider the works we have studied from the Paleolithic area and complete the following:
  • Select two other works you believe share similarities with the Neschers antler, and discuss why
  • Explain the significance of zoomorphic and anthropomorphic works of art in the Paleolithic era.

Secondly, I have gathered all our materials together for Egyptian art! You can find all the vocabulary terms, key works, key work images, and key ideas/points of the chapter in this Google Doc. Feel free to print it and print it to class to make your study cards as you go! Annachell had a really hard time with StudyBlue and digital cards, so I decided to adopt Quizlet instead. I’ve already made a class set of vocabulary terms and study cards for your images. Make sure you check “show definition first” for the images, otherwise you will get all of the information first instead of the artwork! It’s up to you which ones you would like to use, but remember, I will be checking for them the day of your first exam!

Speaking of first exam, I have set a date for our first test: Tuesday, October 6th. You have Monday, October 5th off school (and I have a teacher work day). We will be testing on all our Paleolithic works, Egyptian works, Greek works, and Roman work. 🙂 We’re about to start moving quickly.

I will be gone Tuesday, September 22nd, for a training for our class. I will be leaving you an assignment that I expect you to complete to the very best of your ability. We will be relying on it and your reading for the lectures Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (and your quiz), so take it seriously!

I’ll see you guys tomorrow. ❤


Hey, babies. Here’s your article to read before your quiz Tuesday. Things to consider: What other works come to mind when reading this article? Why? Specifically consider Central Mexico. Should you need the Galileo password, it’s mine. No. Seriously. Mine. M-I-N-E. ❤


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