Day 6 – Just keep swimming

“What do they want to learn?”
“Maybe I should ask them…”

Happy Wednesday, everybody!
Today was a great day. My first blockers make me so happy every morning. I look forward to seeing Ortega stroll in with her letterman sweater and seeing Kit bent over her prisma work. They are such hard workers.


Kennedy’s awesome painting. It reminds me so much of Audrey Kawasaki.


Macall’s scratch board. The details in this are remarkable.


Kasey’s beautiful watercolor work in her visual journal.

I am amazed at our 8th graders. They completed their upside down drawings today and they have literally blown my mind. They are quiet and determined. I have seen so much concentration and a willingness to please.


Bowers and I plotted out my curriculum unit’s first lesson. I’m so excited, I think our fourth period is going to absolutely love it. I have really enjoyed and appreciated having a mentor that cares about me and wants to give me the best experience she can. George Walton is starting to feel so much like home.



Ashley shared her visual journal with me today and let me take it home with me. I made a page for her to glue in if she wants. Shhhh.


What I come home to: the artist in me runs through every part of my life, including my other half. One of the most brilliant artists I know. He is fearless and always finds a way to forge his own path.


I was honored to have the opportunity to see our water dogs compete today. The girls relay is working to qualify for state. They were so good and I was proud. Every day these kids inch farther inside my heart. I love the idea of teaching, but considering coaching a team makes life seem like it would be even better. What I would give to be a part of this family.

Today’s blog is short. I was wrapped up in being present. 😉 and I’m writing it from my cellphone. I’ll write more in detail tomorrow, so hang tight…

Tomorrow I’m going to list things I like and don’t like… Bowers version of rules. Stay tuned.

Song of the blog:


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